Plastic Shims


Use to stabilize and level various objects

OK. You’re on that dream date, the table is set and you know the restaurant has exactly the food and ambience you’ve been looking for. Uh-oh, you put a hand (or an elbow) on the table and everything shifts. You can ask the wait staff for a napkin or have he or she fold it in multiples and put it under the offending leg of the table (or your chair for that matter), or use these shims instead. They are inexpensive, lightweight (you won’t even know there’s one in your jacket pocket) and simple beyond their intended use of leveling furniture, shimming structural lumber, etc. While these are labeled “white.” They are actually translucent and can, of course, be used to level that filling cabinet, book shelf, work table and any other object that just does not meet the floor as it should. Only about four bucks for a package of six.

-- Neil J. Salkind 06/2/17