Play blues guitar/Best belts/Pain exercise


Recomendo: issue no. 82

Learn to play blues guitar in 10 minutes
I’ve been building 3-string guitars for about 10 years. It’s easy to do and they sound better than you probably think. Learn how to make one at Cigar Box Nation. They are even easier to play. Here’s a 10-minute video that will have you sounding like you know what you’re doing. — MF

Best belts
I no longer use leather belts. I use only nylon web belts, sometimes called tactical or military belts, even for dress. They look like a belt but since they don’t have holes, they are infinitely adjustable. And they use hard plastic for the buckle so I don’t have to remove it in airports. There are many styles and colors, all can be trimmed for length. The one I use is this generic model. — KK

Pain management skill
I love Brené Brown’s exercise of repeating “Pain, pain, pain, pain, pain,” to instantly release yourself of the fight or flight mentality. I first heard it in her Men, Women, and Worthiness talk (which I highly recommend), but the full embarrassing story behind it can be read here. — CD

Highlight text on web pages and share
The chrome extension is handy for highlighting text on any web page and sharing. A special link is created for you to copy and paste and any one can view your highlighted page without having to download the extension. — CD

The best scratching post
I love the $40 SmartCat Ultimate Scratching Post as much as my cats do. Not because I sharpen my claws on it, but because they’ve stopped destroying the carpets and furniture. As an unintended bonus, the top has a very small perch that one of my cats practically lives on. — MF

Secure travel docs
I stow PDF scans of my passport, visas, itinerary and key travel docs in my Dropbox, which show up in the Dropbox app on my phone so I always have them in case of loss while traveling overseas. — KK

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