General Purpose Tools

Pneumatic Caulking Gun


Smoothly dispenses caulk

My caulking jobs are rarely pretty. I like urethane caulks and they just don’t smooth out nicely. Much of the time it’s the starts and stops of squeezing the trigger on a manual gun that show up in the finished product. Then there is the ooze that often follows releasing the trigger. I found myself on a job that required some pretty intensive caulking time. I purchased an inexpensive pneumatic caulking gun and have never regretted it. I can lay down a continuous uniform bead of caulk from the beginning of the tube to the end. I take my finger off the trigger and the flow stops with minimal or no drizzles. In order to do this you must have an air compressor. It doesn’t have to be very large, these guns don’t take a lot of air, but it does need to have a pressure tank for an even pressure flow. And you must have a regulator. Hook one of these up to 90psi and you will empty the tube in a matter of seconds and that my friends, isn’t pretty. I start out at about 20 psi and work my way up or down from there. Caulk flow is temperature sensitive and product viscosity varies from brand to brand. If you already have a compressor, the investment is pretty minimal, under $30 and I see no reason to upgrade. I have a couple of these in different brands and prefer the enclosed model like the one I have a link to, as opposed to the more open style.

-- Norm 01/24/18