Pocket Microscope


Dirt cheap microscope with UV light and LED

I started using these when I found people using them at a gem and mineral show. I thought at first these were kids toys because they were pretty cheap. I bought one so I could inspect stones and mineral closer during the show, but found that they were fun to play with. I got home and my mother, who loves flashlights and things, wanted to get a bunch so she could hand them out to her friends as a novelty item.

I actually bought a few dozen of these for about $2 each on eBay. They are really all the same design and made in bulk from China. These are simply jewelers loupes with an LED light powered with 3 button batteries. Combined with your phone’s camera, you can turn this 60x loupe with the 10x magnification on an iPhone into a 600x microscope, and take pictures and videos of the items. All for $5 free shipping on Amazon. I have two kids and we use them for various science functions. We really got interested in inspecting US currency to see all the anti counterfeiting marks on dollar bills.

These would make cool stocking stuffers.

You get get them here for $1.66 each if you don’t want to use Amazon.

-- Joe Kouba 03/8/17