Pocket Reference for the EMT-B and First Responder

Best Urban First Aid Guide

This nifty little pocket reference was designed for EMTs to use in the field, but it also is great for anyone with basic first aid training in urban situations, or anywhere emergency services or a hospital are available within a reasonable period of time — basically, any situation other than a wilderness environment.

Concisely covers the essentials of responding to the most common situations encountered in urban areas, such as cardiac emergencies, pediatric injuries, poisoning and childbirth. While this is no substitute for first aid/CPR training or a more comprehensive first aid guide, its concise outline style is perfect for quickly refreshing one’s memory. In this sense, the Pocket Reference is actually better than a full-boat first aid book, because when an emergency strikes, minutes count and would-be rescuers are doing the victim no favors by sitting around reading long texts or fumbling through large tomes.

The Reference contains information specifically tailored to the DOT EMT/First Responder curriculum that readers unfamiliar with those courses may find a bit alien. For example, there are multiple unfamiliar acronyms, and an emphasis on patient assessment not commonly taught in more basic first courses . But taking a few minutes to read the material will remove the unfamiliarity and actually give the reader some extra skills and confidence that will pay off well in an emergency. I recommend putting a copy in all your first aid kits, both at home and in your car.

-- Paul Saffo 01/13/04

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