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20 years of coolish tools

This year (2023), our humble Cool Tools blog enters its third decade. We’ve posted something new everyday for 20 years! That is only possible because of the engaged and knowledgeable readers of this site. You have kept this place going with your enthusiasm and support for reader-generated positive reviews of cool stuff. Thank you!

Now that we are a young-adult, we’d like to open an invitation to our readers to join me, Kevin Kelly, on our Cool Tools Show and Tell video podcast. If you feel you’d make a good guest on the podcast and have four uncommon tools you’d love to share, then please sign up here. You must be comfortable talking on video, and have some of your tools at hand to show. (We record audio and video on Zoom.) Use this form to supply your name, your four favorite uncommon tools, and their links to a source.

Applications are not automatically guaranteed a slot on the podcast. We’ll consider each application based on whether the tools have been reviewed before, and how appropriate they are to the site, and how many slots for readers remain.

We welcome readers from any part of our diverse world, although any tool recommended must be currently easily available online in the US. I know that our readers are often just as interesting and informed as most of our past guests. Also, if you are a long-time reader you will realize our definition of tool is very broad — any thing handy or useful. So surprise us! — KK


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