Podee Hands-Free Bottle

Feeds babies from a distance

The Podee Hands-Free bottle feeder is a small tube that attaches to a regular bottle to make feeding a lot easier. It is a dream because the baby doesn’t have to hold the heavy bottle and you don’t have to lay them down and prop the bottle up. You can set the bottle next to the baby and put the nipple in their mouth like you would a pacifier; they do what comes naturally. Viola! Granted there’s no substitute for holding a baby during a feeding, but that’s not practical when driving. No more going down the road in the passenger seat with my butt in the front window while I’m turned around feeding the baby in the backseat. I purchased mine at Toys ‘R Us in Madison, WI in 1993. It is still my favorite all-time gadget. Why didn’t we think of this decades ago?

-- Becky Thompson 05/13/07

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