Polyester Bristle Toothbrush


Softer bristles, longer lasting

Most toothbrushes have nylon bristles. And I grew up using them. I used hard bristle brushes for durability. Eventually I realized that soft bristles did a better job of cleaning than the stiff ones. But when I started to use them, I had a problem. The soft toothbrushes wore out quickly, at least the way I used them. Sometimes I only got a week or two out of them. Then I found an alternative, toothbrushes with polyester bristles. There are only a few manufacturers that make them so you have to seek them out. I tried several versions and settled on this one: Dr. Collins Perio Toothbrush. This model not only has polyester bristles, it has a lot of them. This bristle density along with the softness, results in a very effective cleaning result. I’ve been using them for four or five years now and find that they last even longer than the “twice as long” that the manufacturer claims. I get more than a month of use out of each brush. In addition, my teeth are getting more sensitive as I get older and a soft brush means less aggravation of that problem.

-- John Wolf 11/2/17