Portugal’s Nomad Visa/Epicka adapter/Upcoming Conferences

Nomadico issue #23

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Portugal’s Nomad Visa Coming October 30
Two notable nomad visas go live in the next two weeks: one from Colombia that has a very low income requirement and one from Portugal that requires earnings of a minimum 2,750 euros per month. The latter gives you access to the whole Shengen Zone past the 90-day mark though, which is quite valuable to non-Europeans. See the details here.

How Long Should Your Article Be?
These days, even if you’re not a blogger, your business probably publishes articles on a regular basis that are meant to bring in search traffic to support the business. How long should those articles be? The short answer is, “As long as they need to be,” but here’s a breakdown based on SEMRush data to give you a framework tied to search intent. 

Which Electrical Socket Type?
Today I’m flying to Peru, which uses one type of electrical outlet, then will be in Chile, which uses a different one. Neither uses what is required in Brazil. This map gives a quick overview of what to expect. If you travel internationally a lot, it can make sense to buy a multi-outlet adapter that will cover you in multiple spots since that map looks like a quilt on some continents. This Epicka adapter topped Wirecutter’s recommendations because it’s small and lightweight but has four USB chargers too.

Upcoming Conferences for Working Travelers
Location-independent workers and businesses have plenty of in-person conferences to choose from these days. Here are a few that are coming up for the rest of the year: Dynamite Circle Bangkok (members only) – Bangkok, Thailand Oct. 20 to 23; Nomadbase Live Africa – Cape Town, South Africa Nov. 7 – 13; Travel Bloggers Exchange Asia – Phuket, Thailand Nov. 15 – 18; Level Up Club Business Retreat – Madeira, Portugal Nov. 24 – 30; Nomad Island Fest – Madeira Island, Portugal Dec. 1 – 7


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