PotLifter Lifting Tool


Move large potted plants with ease

My wife and I had a very large potted plant on the front porch that we wanted to move indoors. We had resigned ourselves to re-potting it into something smaller that would be light enough that we could lift it over the front door threshold and into a good location in the house. We were at the garden center looking at pots, surprised at what they cost, when I happened upon the PotLifter. If it worked, it would be cheaper and less work than re-potting.

The PotLifter easily strapped around the pot gave us each solid handles that we could grasp without stooping over. Once in place, the straps didn’t slip, and we were not only able to easily move the plant to where we wanted it, but when we decided that we hadn’t chosen the best spot, it was no sweat to move it somewhere else in the house.

The last time we had to move a large pot indoors, I improvised a ramp and we heaved the plant onto a rolling tray and into the house, nearly toppling it over. We left the plant right inside the door because we had barely been able to lift it onto the tray, and were afraid of marring our floors with the rollers. Now that we have PotLifter, we can decide if this pot is in the best place, and if it is not, we will easily move it.


-- Jeff Hoover 01/30/14

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