Autonomous Motion


Jumping enhancers

Powerisers are a real trip to use. They’re like walking on the moon everywhere you go. I can run/jump faster and higher than ever before. Some of the more ambitious users are out there doing flips and the like. Once I put these on I was up walking around right away. They are a lot more intuitive than you might imagine, but some people that have tried them don’t ‘get it’ right away and fall over. The hardest thing to do is to stand still, but if you keep walking it’ll seem intuitive. You can run and take very large strides in them once you get the hang of it. You can also jump very high and long.

The units are probably as light as they can be with their composite springs and aluminum construction, but it will take a little getting used to having some weight strapped to your legs. The biggest design flaw is in the foam pad contacting near the knee. Without additional padding to avoid the point load of the round pad, you will get blisters or chafing probably after the first vigorous workout. I’ve found Powerisers to be stable, easy to learn, and I haven’t had to do anything to ‘maintain’ them, although I did add padding as described to improve the design. They really are fun and I would recommend them.

-- Kevin Dahlquist 01/30/04

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