PowerLix Popcorn Popper


Collapsible silicone bowl microwave popper

This simple silicone bowl allows me to make popcorn without any oil and it usually pops all the kernels (1/4 cup) in 2 minutes. The loose lid keeps the popped corn under control and in the bowl. As the popcorn expands the lid is pushed up. Afterward, the bowl collapses for easy storage. You can add salt, nutritional yeast or other flavorings with the raw corn and it gets more or less evenly distributed as the corn pops. Because it’s silicone, the handles are cool to the touch when the popping is finished. You could eat straight from the bowl but because of the narrow base, I prefer to pour the finished popcorn into another bowl. I’ve tried air poppers but they require extra counter space. I went back to old fashioned pan and coconut oil on the stove top, but I always had both unpopped kernels left over and some burnt ones. I love this one because it doesn’t require watching — set the microwave timer correctly and measure out 1/4 cup corn as instructed and voilá!

-- Karla Tonella 12/27/21

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