Optimal car gadget holder

I have been keeping my eye out for a way in which to mount my cell phone in my car, where it would be both easy to see and to reach. Most of the options required drilling into the interior, gluing something to the dashboard, and/or great expense for both purchase and installation. None of these options suited me. I stumbled across a review of the ProClip Mounting System for the iPod. When I went to the ProClip web site, I happily discovered that the system was available for almost any car/portable device combination. Relatively inexpensive and super easy to install. I have since installed a mount for my cell phone and a mount for my iPod and I could not be happier with the setup. Some vehicles are better suited for the system than others, but overall it is a great product at a great price.

— David Cullinan

The device is in two parts. The mount for the holder is vehicle-specific. You then clip a device-specific holder to the mount.

Mount + Clip
Around $50
Available from ProClip


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