Easy battery maintenance

The solar panels I installed on the roof of our off-grid desert home charge a bank of eight 6V deep-cycle golf cart batteries. They are hooked up in series/parallel, providing 12VDC power. Maintaining the batteries’ electrolyte levels is the key to getting the most performance and life out of them (they last for about five years), and the Profill makes refilling them as quick and simple as possible. It used to be a messy and dangerous 30-minute job. Now it takes about five minutes, with no exposure to battery acid and zero mess.


The manifold and winged valves allow for fast, simple and tool-free installation. For filling, I use the Profill hand pump. When the battery chambers are full, the bulb
hardens and I know I’m done.

Another feature of the Profill I really like is, with a simple and very inexpensive manifold change, the system can be reconfigured for any batteries that have different cell spacing. Profills are such a great product, I have added two of them to our scissor lifts at work. This greatly reduces our maintenance costs, associated with these heavily used pieces of equipment. Tough to beat the five-year warranty, too.

-- Chris Payne 08/31/09