Projector Alarm Clock


Project time on wall or ceiling

I first encountered a projector alarm clock in a midrange hotel in Almeria, Spain, in 2009, and I really appreciated it. Hotel clocks are almost always too bright, but this one projected clearly onto the ceiling without illuminating the room. It was also nice to not have to roll over and crane my head around to the side table to see the time. So I came home and bought myself one, and it has been great. The projection does get harder to see after daybreak — you want to aim it at a patch of ceiling that stays relatively in shadow. But once you know where to look, it’s surprising how you can make out the numbers. This model is a newer one, recently purchased because the one from 2009 had briefly stopped working — but the older one is nice because it automatically syncs the time and changes for Daylight Saving. There are other manufacturers aside from LaCrosse, and other colors available too. I stick with red, mostly because that’s what the one in the Spanish hotel was, and it has been good to me.

-- Zora ONeill 06/24/20