Prop ‘n Go Lite Bed Holder & Lap Stand for Tablets and Laptops


Cushioned lap stand holds books, tablets, and more

I have been using the Prop ’n Go for over three years and I keep finding new ways to use it. It is first of all an adjustable bed holder and lap stand for iPad, iPad Air, iPad mini, tablets, laptops, and e-readers with multi angle control. The Prop ‘n Go resembles a plushy cushion with a flat plastic square on top. When sitting, the cushion raises the iPad up a good few inches so that it is well within typing reach. The top plastic piece has a hinged centre piece that permits you to change the angle of the iPad to 12 different positions or you can simply leave it flat. The rest position itself is on a slight angle to start with. There are two rubberized strips running along the sides of the hinge on the plastic top that help grip the iPad. The iPad remains secured by these strips if you move your legs or adjust the Prop ‘n Go. This item thus allows you to easily type with two hands and not have to worry about the iPad moving as you type.

It is very common to use the iPad either sitting down or lying down. The various iPad covers often have a few angles that let you adjust the viewing. I find these barely adequate and, unless I am holding on to the iPad with a free hand, they do fall over and have to be readjusted. The Prop ‘n Go allows you to use the iPad as a hands-free device. I can prop the iPad up to whatever angle I want and not have to keep my knees bent at the same angle which I would do without a Prop ‘n Go. It just allows me complete freedom of movement as I watch TV and use my iPad. Since it leaves your hands free, there is no continuous holding of the device. My old wrists and thumbs thank me for the rest.

One might wonder about the portability of the Prop ‘n Go. It is not easily carried from place to place. It is too bulky for that. However, it is meant to be a secure storage space for the iPad. The plushy cushion does have a zipper in it that allows the iPad to be placed inside. The amount of padding would certainly protect the iPad from any but the most vicious attempts to injure it. I can see myself putting the iPad and the Prop ‘n Go inside a backpack or even better, a suitcase. This is the function of the puffy sleeves that one can purchase for protecting the iPad in transit.

I could stop the review now and I would have explained all that the makers of the Prop ‘n Go had in mind when they first designed it. However, I have found it to be much more versatile than I first thought. I keep coming up with different uses for it. It worked well supporting my e-book reader. Again, these are very light weight to start with and are not supposed to require much effort to hold. I just found that it is very nice to use the e-reader as a hands-free device. Plus I could prop it at whatever angle I wanted and quickly change it if I wanted to. It was simply more convenient.

The Prop ‘n Go also works for heavy books. It held any book I positioned on it in place while I was reading lying down. I had to use one hand to keep the page from turning but this took a lot less effort than supporting the book with both hands.

Next, since the iPad has recipes in it, the Prop ‘n Go makes reading these recipes a snap from a distance. You don’t have to lie the iPad down, but rather prop it up and make sure the font size is readable from a distance. No more returning to the spot where you put the iPad down. You can read the recipes from where ever you are in the kitchen.

I found that using the Prop ‘n Go with my 1.5 year old grandchild was advantageous. The cushion kept him from moving around a lot and I was able to prop the iPad to a convenient angle for both of us to use. Plus, I was able to secure the iPad more easily when he started to move the iPad around. Because it has so many different viewing angles, it is so much more convenient for watching video. I can adjust to screen to the best viewing angle whether I am sitting down or lying in bed.

Lastly, for now, I used the Prop ‘n Go to hold the iPad in place when I was driving in my van. I could prop the iPad up so that both the front and back seat passengers could see the screen. The Prop ‘n Go kept the iPad from sliding around when I turned the corners. I had no fear that quick braking might be a problem because the iPad was facing the back, propped in place.

I am sure that I will find other uses for the Prop ‘n Go now that I have it. It was not at the top of my list of iPad accessories but as you can see from these comments, it has a lot more going for it than simply a cushion.


-- Marcel Dufresne 07/22/15