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PS Print


Your own super hi-res printer

I needed a printer that could, without raising an eyebrow, accept my digitally produced artwork, print it, and mail it to my house.

A recent find, PS Print, has brought my original dream true. Much of their success is due to the widespread adoption of the PDF standard, which removes lot of variables. I sailed through this experience with joy. PS Print has an idiot-proof website, with crystal clear and simple steps to upload files. It takes half a minute. They print your files and mail the material back to you. At great prices. For instance, I designed my own personal business card in Photoshop (it could have been any program), uploaded the file, ordered the minimum 250 cards for $26, and got the box of four-color cards by mail later that week. No muss, no fuss. For common color printing tasks like flyers, postcards, brochures and biz cards, this is like having a multi-million dollar printer at the other end of your USB cable. (They even do the less common, like full-color event tickets with numbering, which is pretty cool.)

-- KK 03/12/04