Puro Caff


Cleans coffee tools

Puro Caff ($14) is a powdered concentrate that is used for cleaning coffee related appliances. I first heard of Puro Caff from a friend who was a barista at a coffee shop. I was able to purchase a 20oz bottle of the powder from my local Cash and Carry, and quickly went to work on all of my home coffee gadgets. Puro Caff cleaned my well-used Sigg Metro coffee mug to brand-new looking status, and removed the coffee residue and old coffee taste and smell from the mug, leaving me with a fresh clean new looking travel mug. Puro Caff also works very well to freshen up your home drip coffee maker, or stove top percolator. I don’t have an espresso machine myself, but I do know that many coffee shops use Puro Caff to clean their espresso machines, grinders, and air pots. While it’s somewhat expensive to buy, in my experience a little goes a long way, and for the price it’s worth every penny and extends the longevity and enjoyment of everything coffee related.

-- Patrick C 10/24/19

(Note: For those looking to use something you might have around the house, denture cleaners like Fix-A-Dent have worked well for me in the past (a hold over from when I had braces). This is a Cool Tools favorite from 2013. — editors)

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