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Recomendo: issue no. 251

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Better reading
Use Push to Kindle to send any webpage you are on (phone or laptop) to your Kindle by clicking one button. Free, no registration, available on all platforms. — KK

Map of Reddit
Thanks to this Map of Reddit, an open source library, I discovered more esoteric subreddits to dive deep into like r/LucidDreaming and r/Jung. Each dot on the map is a subreddit and when you click on a dot you’ll connect a cluster of dots. Dots that are in a cluster means that multiple redditors are leaving comments across those same subreddits. You can zoom in and out on the map by holding down both SHIFT and – or + (minus or plus). — CD

Keep your Mac clean
I’ve been using CleanMyMac X every day for a few years now. It’s an all-in-one Mac utility and health monitoring system that makes it easy to check my internet speed, see how much storage I have on my hard drives and cloud storage accounts, completely delete applications, scan for malware, and find and zap space-hogging files. The latest version has M1 support, improved navigation, and a quick way to remove unneeded code from Universal binaries. — MF

Practical personality test
I found a new personality test to be more useful than others I have taken. PrinciplesYou is produced by two popular life-coaches, Ray Dalio and Adam Grant. The free online test is long; it took me 20 minutes to complete. (Be sure to register first in order to save your results.) It then supplies you with a group of archetypes, and judging by the results of all my family and friends who took it, it’s pretty accurate. But the real joy is in sharing your results with others. The site will offer advice to both sides of how they might improve their communication, collaboration, and relationships given the two archetypes. This is actually useful. And fun. We’ve had many long boisterous dinner discussions about the results. — KK

Questions to ask when you get stuck
A recent issue of The Sunday Soother newsletter ran a list of “high-quality questions to determine high-quality answers” to help you get unstuck from a sticky situation. Here’s the first half of the list:

  • Am I attempting to mind-read somebody else’s intentions in this situation?
  • How could I give myself what I’m hoping this other person will give me?
  • Is this thought arising from shame or fear? What is a thought I can have from self-compassion or hope instead?
  • Can I name three things I need right now?
  • Can I name three things I could let go of right now?
  • Can I figure out a way to make this 5% easier on myself?
  • What answer feels easiest to me?
  • What if what felt right to me, was right?
  • Who may be benefiting from how I am thinking or feeling right now?

Read the rest here. — MF

Another Round on Hulu
Another Round is a Danish film about four childhood friends who find themselves dissatisfied and uninspired in the middle of their lives. In an attempt to stir something up and unleash their true potential they decide to test out Norwegian psychiatrist Finn Skårderud’s hypothesis that we’re all born with blood alcohol level that is too low, and that to maintain a .05% BAC would make each of them a more relaxed, creative, and open-minded human being. This movie is thought-provoking and fun to watch and despite the disaster that ensues, incredibly uplifting. Also, if like me, you have a healthy obsession with Mads Mikkelsen from Hannibal, you might know that he is a trained gymnast and professional dancer, and in that case, you will not be disappointed. It’s streaming on Hulu now. — CD

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 05/9/21

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