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Rapid Duax Heavy Duty Stapler


Stapler adjusts to accommodate to 170 sheets of paper

I commonly need to staple printed articles and reports of medical journal articles and reviews, as well as other non-medical articles from Browser, etc. They vary in length from a few pages to a hundred or more. The staplers I used to use for heavy-duty stapling came w/ staples of varying lengths/capacities, so I had to first determine the number of pages being stapled, and then find the appropriate size staple for that thickness of papers. Sometimes I misjudged, and sometimes I ran out of the correct-sized staples.

The Rapid Duax Heavy Duty Stapler has eased that task considerably and has done so with a very elegant engineering solution. It uses a single-size staple of considerable length that can handle up to 170 sheets of paper at one strike. If I staple anything smaller than that (which is usually the case — mostly I’m stapling articles of 15-50 pages) the stapler cuts off the excess staple end, before crimping the staple tightly. This all happens automatically upon firmly depressing the arm of the stapler. It’s a very neat engineering trick that solved the need to keep several different-sized staples on hand. The cut-off bits of staple-ends drop into a little container under the bed of the stapler, which I empty out every once in a while.

So now I just stock this single large-sized staple, and the Rapid Duax handles all the rest; I no longer need to waste time bothering about different capacity staples. The stapler is not cheap, but it’s robust and solid, though I did break one when it fell off my desk. I’ve used my current one for the past five or six years without any trouble. It’s a worthwhile investment for someone, such as myself, who frequently has to staple large numbers of pages. I use it several times a day.

This is a Cool Tools favorite from 2017

-- Richard Spitzer 10/26/21

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