Ratchet Belt


Metal ratchet buckle adjusts to the exact size you need

The Mission Belt ($25+) is a game changer for me as far as comfortably holding my pants up goes. Instead of the standard belt and buckle with holes, this belt has a ratchet system which allows finer quarter-inch adjustment so it can be instantly snugged to fit. A lever releases the ratchet for easy removal.

The belt comes long and you cut it to fit. Markings on the inside show exactly where to cut for your belt size. The cut end goes into the buckle and is clamped very easily and securely with some teeth. The company will replace the belt if you make a mistake and cut it too short.

There is about a 7-inch section of rubber cleats on the tongue end so you have quite a bit of leeway for fitting around your waist. The ratchet system allows me to adjust my belt snugly and I don’t have to bend the belt back to get a pin through a hole like my normal belts. I imagine this belt will last a lot longer as a result. I am left handed and tend to thread my belts counterclockwise which results in the release lever being on the bottom where I fumble around feeling for it. That is just a minor nuisance and easily overcome by threading the belt clockwise. T

The belt is made of leather except for the section of cleats.

-- Carl Johnsen 05/7/19