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Ratcheting Tube and Pipe Cutter


Easiest pipe cutter

The Craftsman Ratcheting Tube and Pipe Cutter is, like its cousin the Craftsman Ratcheting Screwdriver (reviewed previously), a well thought out tool. This Ratcheting Cutter works great for cutting pipe in tight spots and is so ergonomically correct I often use it to cut pipe on my workbench. The only reason I hesitate using it on the workbench is I don’t want to dull the cutting blade too fast. Oh, did I mention it comes with a spare blade that is nested in the handle so it’s sure to be there when you need it? It’s also very well built, sturdy, and has the ever so wonderful lifetime replacement policy.

Certain tools are what I refer to as “lifers” — buy it one time, have it for life, need it throughout your whole life, and it makes life so much easier. It would be a mistake for the homeowner and/or professional not to own this one.

-- Eric G. Yukins 10/11/06