RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger


Say goodbye to the agony of broken cables

If you own a smartphone with built-in wireless charging (most recent models should qualify, including Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel), you owe it to yourself to invest in a wireless charger. Charging your phone becomes ridiculously easy; just plop it on the charger. Retrieving your phone is equally simple: just grab it and go. Say goodbye to the agony of broken cables, or worse, broken charging ports. I’ve been using this RavPower model as recommended by Wirecutter (fast charging, AC adapter included) for more than a year and whole-heartedly recommend it. I don’t normally wax poetic about tech accessories, but after 2 decades of daily charging with cables, this is life-changing. Now, if only laptops and tablets would follow suit… NB: Some smartphone cases preclude the use of a wireless charger. “Thin” plastic or leather cases should be OK but some trial and error may be required.

-- Nabhan Islam 08/27/20