Reader Survey Results

What we learned about our readers

A month ago we offered you a survey to give us all a glimpse of who is reading this blog. About 1,400 people replied to the 30 or so questions. The big idea was that we editors would get a better image of who you are, and you, the readers, would also gain some insight into what your co-readers think, once we shared the data. We had no specific plans for doing anything with the results – we just thought it would be useful as we continue to make Cool Tools a better experience for you.

After looking at the results, we offer a few observations about this audience. Most of you read this blog via RSS, at least once a week. Almost half look at it daily. More of you prefer to read books (except for the Cool Tools book!) than to spend time in the workshop. But you are at ease with video. More likely urban or suburban, than rural. Surprising to us, a large portion of you are newish readers. Glad to say, far more of this community is optimistic rather than pessimistic … and so on.

A PDF of the results of the quantitative questions are here. (We are still going through the write-in answers and will post those results later.) We’d love to hear your comments about what you all find in these results; please post in the comments section of this entry. In addition, if you are so inclined, you can mess with the raw data which is in a spreadsheet here. We hope you do. If you discover anything interesting about the Cool Tools community, please share it with us, and we can consider posting it as well. We’re also interested in learning how you think we can use these survey results to improve Cool Tools.

— KK


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