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Recomendo: issue no. 302

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A better search engine for Reddit
I never had any success searching Reddit directly, so I use Google and append all my queries with is exactly that — only a simpler, more direct way to search Reddit. You can even search within a specific subreddit. This would work well with Mark’s previous recommendation on Finding the best products online. — CD

Video wit
I am mesmerized by the short videos of Zach King. Are they real? Are they magic tricks? Or are they special CGI effects? Who cares? They are awesome. King’s visual tricks are witty, clever, and uplifting. I think of them as cinemagic. They have become a whole new creative genre, as King forwards and feature shorts inspired by his style but made by others. They travel well on TikTok so he has legions of followers. — KK

Music and vocals splitter
Mvsep is a free web-based service that separates any song’s vocals and instruments. It’s useful for singers and musicians, but it also provides a new way to appreciate your favorite songs. I tried it with The Rolling Stones’ “Paint it Black” using the “Ultimate Vocal Remover HQ” mode and was impressed by how well it worked. — MF

Great history
I’ve sunk into a comfy corner reading books about the age of discovery. A favorite is Over the Edge of the World, about Magellan’s first circumnavigation of the planet. The book is exceptionally good, and the story even better. Expeditions in those days were like today’s startups, with big visions and low likelihood of profit. Everything was falling apart the entire time. It’s not a tale of heroics, but of dire hardship, murder, mutiny, vast ignorance, and the slow awareness of the true scope of the this world. 260 sailors set off; 18 returned; but the world was literally never the same again. Highly recommended. — KK

Visualize your day in blocks
Rectangles is a time tracking visual where each rectangle represents 10 minutes of your day and the ones shaded in green display the time that has already passed. You are left with a perspective of how many more 10-minute blocks are left in your 24-hour day. It is inspired by Wait But Why’s article 100 Blocks a Day, which asks you to visualize your life on a grid and assess how you spend your 10-minute blocks. — CD

Magnetic poster hanger
Instead of taping or tacking a poster to the wall, use this inexpensive magnetic poster hanger frame. It comes with weighted magnetic bars to sandwich the top and bottom of the poster so it doesn’t curl when you hang it. — MF

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 04/24/22

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