Best dust respirator for people with facial hair

This tool is the cheapest, most effective dust respirator for people with facial hair. If you use power tools for woodworking (especially in an enclosed shop), dust protection is a must. I could never find a dust mask that would seal over my beard and the full face powered respirators are heavy and expensive. Other conventional filter respirators require bare skin around your nose and mouth in order to make a good seal. The Resp-O-Rator is like a snorkel so your lips make the seal around the mouthpiece. I wear this comfortably for hours at a time for wood turning. I have used mine for at least 3 years without any issues. There is a bit of drool or condensation from the breathing valve but that is pretty minor. The unit also comes with a nose clip, but most wood workers find they can train them selves to mouth breathe while using this respirator. Note that this is only a dust/particle respirator. Using this in conjunction with a 1 micron filtered dust collector has made woodturning a far safer activity.

-- Jon Margolis 06/6/17