Autonomous Motion

Retractable Cable Combination Lock


Visual deterrent to amateur thieves

[UPDATE 6 January 20014: Unrecommended! See video of how Mark cut the cable with a pair of scissors.]

You ran into the store for one minute, came back out and your bike was gone! Or your skis, or motorcycle helmet.

You know that big, heavy, secure lock you never carry because it’s too big and heavy? This is the compromise solution – easy to carry and easy to use. This lightweight cable lock fits in your pocket and prevents “casual theft.” Let them steal someone else’s bike/skis/helmet (not cruel, just realistic). The retractable cable extends 24 inches.

I’ve been using these for about 10 years or so. Squirt a little WD-40 into it once in a while to keep it from freezing in the cold. Replace it at the first sign of balkiness (it’s cheap enough).

-- Evan Marks 12/27/13

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