Reusable Straws


Alternative to plastic straws

The assortment of straws ($3) provides an inexpensive and possibly healthier alternative to plastic straws. These food-grade silicone straws come in assorted colors, are 10″ long (3), 8.5″ long (1, steel), and 6″ long (1), and the silicone straws can be folded (so they can fit into a small container, like a small purse).

Three of them are wide (7/16″ outer diameter) smoothie-type straws, and one is normal diameter, as is the steel straw.

Two of the wide straws and the steel straw have bends in them. None can be microwaved, but all are dishwasher safe. The maker claims they fit “any kind of tumblers” and are easy to clean. Two long, thin brushes are provided, to fit both sizes.

-- Roger Knights 10/24/18

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