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State of the art in pot usage

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Ask Ed: Marijuana Gold- Trash to Stash
Ed Rosenthal
2003; 178 pages

This is a very important book, but it’s mis-titled. It should be called “The Cannabis Revolution.” Three very important things have happened in the marijuana world in the last decade or so: vaporizers, home-made hash, and sophisticated marijuana cookery. It’s amazing that imbibers know little or nothing about say, vaporizers. Their pot consciousness is where mine was in the ’60s — the “toke and choke” mentality.

VAPORIZERS refer to vaporizing the cannabinoids (the active ingredient) in the plant at a much lower temperature than smoking, without combusting the leaf. The essence of the high is extracted and the lungs are not being subjected to hot tars. No carcinogens1 Various devices are used to produce a temperature of around 350?. Ed reviews a bunch of vaporizers.

HASH can now be made at home in a very simple process using a number of screens in a 5-gallon bucket and ice water. Voila! (Thus the “trash to stash” subtitle.} You can use “shake” (what’s left over after manicuring buds) for the process.

POT COOKING. There’s a hash butter recipe using a crockpot, “Mystic Muffins, “Wamm’s Mother’s Milk,” plus many others. Even if you’re only an occasional smoker, get this book and listen to Uncle Ed. It’s a whole new ball game.

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The Big Book of Buds
Ed Rosenthal
2001; 214 pages; 4-color, soft cover

Another advance is the categorizing of pot varieties for effect. In very general terms, sativa for cerebral, high-energy high, indica for stonier, body, buzz high. Growers are dialing in genetics to produce the desirable effect.This 4-color book is a small encyclopedia of the different varieties and the sophisticated breeding going on. “Flo has an energetic, motivating buzz with unusual clarity. This is a true wake and bake pot, great to start the day off right without losing sight of your intentions. The flavor has a floral quality similar to Nepalese temple hash…”

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The Eterra Tulip Vaporizer
I am a long-time (40 years) cannabis user. Since discovering vaporizers I seldom “smoke.” My lungs feel a lot better. The taste of the herb is like the essence of the flower and resin. Once the cannabinoids are vaporized, you throw out the herb. This means you’re not pulling all that foliage through your lungs. It’s a revolution and especially beneficial for those using herbs for medical purposes. A vaporizer that is simple and that I recommend is the Eterra Tulip. It takes a bit of getting used to, but once mastered it’s rather elegant, as well as less expensive and complicated than other vaporizers:

Eterra Tulip Vaporizer

Ed Rosenthal, who has been in the news for his efforts to legalize medical marijuana, runs a website with yet more books on cannabis here.

-- Dan K. Holly 09/17/03

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