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Roku 3 Streaming Media Player


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We’ve used the Roku for several months now. It enabled us to “cut the cable.” There are plenty of great Roku channels including PBS (which makes my wife happy to get to watch Downton Abbey!), Netflix, Amazon, and Spotify. Roku coupled with our Amazon Prime subscription and Hulu Plus means that we get to watch pretty much anything we want when we want to watch it.

Also, we do much more mindful television consumption this way. What I mean is, we no longer have cable so we no longer turn the TV on the minute we get home from work and mindlessly watch whatever is on and far too often, there was NOTHING worth watching on 100+ channels. Plus, with the exception of Hulu, there are no commercials — BONUS!

Finally, we love the Roku Media channel, which allows us to view our pictures and videos or listen to our music on a USB drive that you plug into the side of the Roku. It does help to have a high-speed net connection. We recently traded in our Comcast “high speed” net for FIOS and it has improved the buffering and time-outs from quite often to non-existent. I’ve never used others, this is my first media streaming television device, but for the cost, I sure feel like it is a great deal!

-- Scott Buel 12/8/14

(This replaces the Roku 2, reviewed here. — editors)