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Rothco G.I. Type Mechanics Tool Bags

Best everyday carry military type tool bag

Russel Brooks wrote a review of the Rothco G.I. type mechanics toolbag for Cool Tools, saying that these are similar to bags he was issued when he was in the Air Force in the 70s. They’re made of a thick canvas with a heavy brass zipper, pockets on both sides, and small pockets lining the inside.

Compared to carrying around a big, steel toolbox, these are lighter, cheaper, and they don’t scrape or dent things when you put them down. They also pack down nice and flat when you don’t need them.

They’re not perfect. I wish the inside pockets could hold tools better. But at $16, there’s no reason not to cut out stitches and rework the pockets for what you need. I’m taking this one to Maker Faire this weekend with my angle grinder and some wrenches, and it’s perfect.

Even for non tool use, as a guy, it’s a good option for when you need a purse-sized bag that in no way could be mistaken for a purse. It’s tough, it’s cheap, and versatile. A link to buy this bag is in the video description. And you can see thousands of reader-recommended tools just like this one at

-- Donald Bell 10/21/17

([Cool Tools has a YouTube channel with many more tool reviews] — editors)

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