Rubba Scrubba


Multipurpose cleaning brush

I’ve had this multiple use cleaning tool for about a year, and with it I, or friends, have: gotten glitter off the sofa, de-doggie-haired the chair, cleaned the carpeting in my van, cleaned melting ice off the wind shield, and brushed just about any animal as they love the feeling and have clean shiny pelt/hair/coat/fur as a result. And to sanitize, just run it through the dishwasher. And then tidy the keyboard. And get up the spilled potting soil.

There just isn’t any tool similar that can handle all the different cleaning problems the Rubba Scrubba easily handles. The Rubba Scrubba works like a brush, or a sweeper but has rubber bristles instead. The rubber bristles are gentle, yet naturally “sticky”. My cat loves when I stroke him with it, and his loose hair comes right away. It beats a bristle brush by a mile, and has the benefit of being easily cleaned.

I have cleaned air conditioning and furnace filters, lint filters in the dryer, delicate lampshades, dried mud off suede shoes, wet mud off garden tools, and dusty window screens with a scrub. This Rubba Scrubba is amazing!

-- Melissa Keyes 05/14/10