Rust-Oleum Vinyl & Fabric Sponge Applicator


Restore color to faded or worn seats, dashboards, door panels, carpets and more

I own a Ford Escape. I wanted to install a new radio, which required an adapter. My interior is mostly tan-colored, but the adapter came in a matte black. While my wife told me it looked fine, I felt the flow of the interior was askew, so I disassembled the center console and a few other parts and got to painting. And sanding. And painting again. It seemed like no matter how well I prepped, no matter how much top coat I put on, eventually chips would show up.

I was about to talk to a local place about just applying matte black vinyl over the whole thing when I came across Rust-Oleum’s Vinyl and Fabric auto paint with a foam applicator. From the bottle, it looks like it’s mainly for restoring interior parts. There’s only 2 colors, black and sand. And while it may be designed to restore, it will completely change the color of vinyl & plastic parts inside the car (It says it works on fabric, but I haven’t tried it) When I first started using it to paint over the tan plastic, I wasn’t sure it would work – there were streaks. But every layer I applied on top of that made it a bit more uniform until the piece was completely black. I redid the center console and some other pieces in May, and even throughout the summer Texas heat it hasn’t changed.

One issue I had when I used spray paint is the driver’s side seat bolster rubs against the center console – eventually removing the paint. It hasn’t happened with this stuff. To me, it almost appears to be like magic.

-- Jeremy D Pavleck 11/24/16

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