Safer in the Air/Dead Bodies in Museums/Worldschooling Take 2

Nomadico issue #95

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A Record Year for Airline Safety

This may be the shortest report we’ve ever linked to but for a good reason: 2023 was officially the safest year for jet travel since… we’ve had jet travel. According to the IATA, “In a significant achievement, 2023 saw no fatal accidents or hull losses for jet aircraft, leading to a record-low fatality risk rate of 0.03 rate per million sectors.” There was one turbo-prop fatal crash, a Yeti Airlines plane in Nepal that went down with 72 people on it, but considering how many planes take off and land each day, this is a remarkable achievement. “Overall, there was an average of one accident for every 880,293 flights.”

The History and Fascination With Dead Bodies on Display

I live in a historic Mexican city that’s a UNESCO World Heritage place, but what’s the #1 tourist attraction? The Mummy Museum of Guanajuato. This BBC article looks into the fascination with bones and bodies and investigates the sordid past and the economic incentives behind the relics displays. The sinister history behind the world’s first tourist sites.

Mexican Rental Cars, Minus the Scams

As a Mexpat without a car, I often need to rent one when going on vacation or taking a road trip. After too many incidents of facing inflated insurance rate scams at the counter with the likes of Budget and Europcar, so far my streak is up to 3 rentals in 3 cities without this hassle with Mex Rent a Car. Their site has this refreshing bit on it: “All of our rates within Mexico include third-party liability up to 750,000.00 MXN and coverage for the vehicle rented in case of an accident or total theft, with a 10% deductible (CDW).” Any good credit card should cover the rest. Their sister company Mas offers the same deal.

A Complete Guide to Worldschooling

A while back we referenced a good article on “worldschooling,” the idea of educating your child in different ways in foreign countries, and reader Jake S. sent us a tip that there’s a whole book on the subject if you want a deep dive. See more here – Wonder Year: A Guide to Long-Term Family Travel and Worldschooling.


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