Salux Nylon Wash Cloth/Towel


Light nylon fabric air-dries quickly and completely

I was skeptical when my wife purchased one of these cloths off the internet several years ago. One shower later I was ready to bin the loofa and any number of other scrubbing and exfoliating tools.

The cloth is perfect for vigorously exfoliating, but is gentle enough that it does not leave serious abrasions on more delicate skin. It is long enough that I (a large and hefty individual at 6′ and more than 200 lbs) can use it to scrub my back better than a brush on a stick.

It exfoliates in an invigorating fashion, and holds enough lather that I only need to apply soap once in a shower unless I deliberately rinse the cloth. At the same time it dries quickly, making it perfect for travel. It is also apparently machine-washable, but as it is so easy to rinse clean and dries so quickly we rarely ever wash it. Ours has seen more countries around the world than wash cycles — and at less than $10, this is easily the best personal care product for the price.

-- Adam Wunker 10/6/15

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