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Best case for Big Foot

I confess that I believe in Big Foot. My belief is based on no personal witness. On the contrary, my claim that a large bipedal North American ape exits is based on the huge mounds of consistent evidence I’ve seen from other researchers, many of them scientists. In other realms of inquiry this level of evidence would be sufficient for confirmation, but I admit that extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. This investigative documentary contains the best scientific case for Big Foot in America (such as it is). It includes the four compelling video clips of alleged Big Foots that are the most persuasive so far; three of the clips have not been widely seen, the fourth is seen in crisp digital quality not available before (only degraded analog copies of copies were shown before). These movies are more than adequately analyzed in creatively skeptical ways. Other kinds of data are examined as well, including body prints and hair samples. One of the reasons I like this DVD is that they conclude that certain samples do NOT support their hypothesis. There is of course a LOT of flakiness around Big Foot beliefs but this documentary –structured as a court to try evidence about the existence of this elusive animal — keeps the woo-woo out and all the possible science in. This DVD is as good as the argument will get at the moment. I can’t promise it will change your mind, but it does shift the debate to where it should be: is there sufficient extraordinary evidence?

— KK

Sasquatch: Legend Meets Science
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