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Saunders Clipboard


Indestructible paper shelter

[This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2003 – MF]

My Saunders aluminum clipboard portfolio is the best personal organization investment I’ve ever made. It looks great, and for anyone who regularly carries a messenger bag or briefcase, this little thing is a godsend. It’s the size of a legal pad, and just as thin, but it provides a fantastic place to store and protect the various pieces of paper I want to keep close at hand. (At the moment, mine contains an itinerary for a flight I’m taking in two weeks, a construction contract I need to sign, a guest list for my wedding, and a manuscript I’ll edit tonight.) It even has a place to store a pen beneath the clipboard clip.

I’ve been using my portfolio nonstop for four years, and it’s virtually indestructible. (Saunders makes the aluminum clipboards used by police and building contractors.) The outside of mine has acquired plenty of scratches and battle scars, but the inside still looks like new, and my papers stay undamaged and uncrumpled, even after months of shuttling from my house, to my messenger bag, to my office, to my car, to anywhere else I might wander. And for just ~$18, it’s a bargain! Saunders makes a variety of other aluminum form holders, including the cop-friendly “Cruiser Mates.”

    -- Todd Lappin 06/28/17

    (Reader Msilver adds: "This is a great clipboard for tabletop roleplaying game geeks. Keep your dice and old character sheets in it." — editors)