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Schwinn Smart Phone Bicycle Handlebar Bag


iPhone mount for bikes

I was looking for a way to securely mount my smartphone to my bicycle to record the details of my workouts. I wanted something that would protect the phone from rain, but still allow for basic touchscreen functionality. I did not want to spend a fortune on this either.

My wife found this on a clearance rack at a local Target and it is perfect. There is a decent sized pocket that can hold a few protein bars, wallet, etc. The phone slides into a clear pocket that folds over the top and secured by velcro. It is impossible for the phone to fall out and having the plastic pocket over the top of the rest of the bag increases the bags ability to keep water out.

I am sure it is not completely water proof and I would not chance it, but I have been stuck in a few minor rain showers and everything stayed dry. There are fancier versions out there, but for the price this is perfect for me.


-- Matt Schirmacher 05/5/15