Scooba Floor Scrubber

Affordable robotic mopping

The Scooba 5900 floor scrubber doesn’t do as good a job as a professional house cleaner, but my wife and I are lazy, and we figured an automatic floor scrubber that washes the floor and does an ok job would still be better than the job I do. I used the same logic on vacuuming and bought a couple Roombas. We’ve come to find out these robots don’t do just an ok job, they actually do a very good job each and every time they run. I’m always amazed at how dirty the water is when I clean out my 5900 and I cannot believe how clean our floors are. My floors are now automatically swept, then mopped every week. I only spend 10 minutes preparing the 5900 robot: adding hot water and a cup of the Scooba Clorox solution, then emptying the dirty water, cleaning a few parts and putting it on the charger for the day after tomorrow (we now sweep and mop up to three times a week). The robotic brothers and sisters all like to entertain. I clearly have the cleanest floors; and the best thing is I’m not the one doing the scrubbing anymore. I bought my Scooba brand new from distributors on eBay and ended up saving a lot of money and still have full warranties.

-- Don Tharpe 01/31/08

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