Scotch-Brite Non-Rust Stainless Steel Scrubber


Long-lasting and durable scrubbers

Everybody who’s ever used a Brillo pad to scrub hardened crap off something knows they work well, but also that they don’t last too long since they’re plain steel. The rust sets in fast. This rusting-into-an-orange-ball-of-soapy-goo is not an issue with stainless steel scrubbing balls. These things (can) last years cleaning all sorts of stuff. Even mangled up they still work well. Adding some dish soap to one simulates most of the Brillo experience, and a vigorous rinse & shake will get the soap and bits of yuk out of it, ready to go again. Or you can add pretty much any other kind of solvent/soap for all sorts of jobs – not too many limits with stainless steel scrubbers. There are lots of versions of these things out there, and 3M Scotch-Brite products are hard to disparage. I don’t know what brand is currently in our kitchen, and it’s hard to imagine any of these not working well no matter who makes them.

-- Wayne Ruffner 06/1/18