Scraperite Plastic Razor Blades with Holder

Best plastic razor blades for non-scratch scraping

These are plastic razor blades made by Scraperite. They come with a little holder. And what these are good for is any task where you need to delicately scrape something off of a surface that you don’t want to scratch up with conventional razor or pallete knife.

Just last week, my wife found this great tin-framed mirror at a yard sale, that had old stickers and gunk on it. I put a few drops of goo-gone on there and used the plastic blade to work off the stickers. It felt like the perfect tool for the job and it spared me from having to pick away at it with my nails. Plus, you can sharpen these with sandpaper if you want a really fine edge. The same can’t be said of your fingertips.

-- Donald Bell 10/10/17

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