Seafood Watch

Handy reminder for responsible fish eating

It’s no secret that fish stocks of many species have been over-harvested to the point of extinction, but whenever I’m ordering fish at a restaurant I can’t remember what’s good fish and what’s bad fish. I now rely on this very handy business-sized card which lives in my wallet; I yank it out with the menu. Tells me which fish species to avoid (severely overfished), which are okay, and which are borderline. You can get these cards at some aquariums and zoos or download the most up-to-date PDF file and print your own.

Caviar, Beluga/Osetra/Sevruga
Chilean Seabass
Cod, Atlantic/Icelandic
Crab, King (imported)
Orange Roughy
Rockfish, (Rock Cod/Pacific Snapper)
Salmon, (farmed/Atlantic)
Sharks, except U.S. West Coast Thresher
Shrimp (imported)
Sturgeon, wild-caught
Swordfish, Atlantic
Tuna, Bluefin

-- KK 08/1/03

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