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Recomendo: issue no. 319

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Family improvement
I learned some valuable techniques and got a lot of wise guidance for cultivating a happy family from the book The Secrets of Happy Families (2013). Much of it I wished I had known earlier when our family was younger. There’s a bunch of self-improvement advice out there, but not much on family-improvement, so this is highly recommended. — KK
T-handle plunger
Hardly anyone makes luggage without wheels now. But for some crazy reason, most toilet plunger don’t have T-shape handles. The T-shape top allows you to plunge sinks and toilets with greater force and control. Do yourself (and your wrists) a favor, get a plunger like the Korky Telescoping T-Shaped Handle BeehiveMAX Universal Plunger. — MF
A newsletter of offbeat research
One of my favorite newsletters is TITAA (Things I Think Are Awesome) by Lynn Cherny, a data scientist consultant who sends out a monthly roundup of whatever she finds interesting in the fields of creative AI, generative art, science fiction, fantasy, games, folklore, poetry and more. It’s weirdly fascinating and always inspiring. Here is a link to the archive. — CD
Science twitter follow
A swell account I follow on Twitter is Massimo. They consistently posts the most interesting science-y, curious, and educational stuff. (And no outrage!) It bills itself as “Astronomy, astronautics, meteorology, physics. Engineer, trying to build the big picture of #science via selected & curated pics, videos & links,” which it does spectacularly well. — KK
100 rules for living
Dru Riley has put together a list of 100 useful rules for making life more rewarding. — MF


“Read and listen to whatever you’re most interested in.” — We get more out of what interests us. Find something that you enjoy reading instead of struggling through books.

“IDK = No” — If you’re uncertain, the answer should probably be no. 

“Don’t make them think.” — Make it obvious.

“Price affects risk.” — If an experiment is cheap, just do it. The more the price goes up, the more you should reconsider.
Top-voted productivity hacks is a crowdsourced lists of the best productivity hacks written and upvoted by users. No account is necessary to contribute, just scroll to the bottom and click on “+ Add Hack.” I just upvoted this one:Send yourself an email at the end of the day on Friday with a short list of priorities to get started on come Monday morning. Don’t overthink it – just the top half a dozen things on your mind.

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