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Recomendo: issue no. 131

A beginner’s guide to online security
This website is a clear guide for staying safe online. There’s no fluff or marketing, just the straight dope on how to use a password manager, create a strong device passcode, use two-factor authentication, set up a mobile carrier PIN, and much more. — MF

Fond follower
Someone I started following on Twitter who I enjoy is Noah Smith as @Noahpinion. Wide range of interests, topical but unexpected opinions, likes to hunt for data and evidence. — KK

Vietnam War masterpiece
I’m late in getting to Ken Burn’s masterpiece The Vietnam War, a 10-part documentary streaming on Netflix. But OMG, it is electrifying. Even though I lived through that war, I apparently knew nothing about it. It would have been easy (and cheap) to stir up a continuous thread of outrage, but instead this monumental work stirs up a continuous thread of clarity and insights: “Oh, so that is why they did that!.” This should be mandatory viewing for all citizens of the US and Vietnam. — KK

Foam roller alternative
I bought this orthopedic Stretch Mate more than five years ago and I still use it weekly to stretch out my back and alleviate soreness. For me, this works better than a foam roller because my clothing and hair don’t get caught up in it. It’s stiff and plastic, and not a one size fits all solution, but I recommend it if you’re not a fan of rollers and want to try something else. There’s an option to add on a padded cover which I have yet to try but ordered this week. Note: The Stretch Mate is $40 today without the pad, I paid $22 for it back in 2013. — CD

Power thesaurus
I keep this crowdsourced thesaurus bookmarked. It’s easier to navigate than and the fastest way to find the word I want to use. — CD

Wide angle LED headlamp
This battery-powered headlamp ($15) has a bunch of LEDs spread across the front so it throws a very wide beam. I used it recently to bring trash cans in at night and it was much better than a flashlight or traditional headlamp because I could see everything in front of me without having to turn my head.  — MF

-- Kevin Kelly, Mark Frauenfelder, Claudia Dawson 01/27/19

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