Sensor Swabs


Cleans delicate optical and hard to reach imaging surfaces

I shoot a lot of photos with my DSLR camera. I also teach a photography course and am responsible for maintaining over 20 cameras. I travel with my DSLR and am always swapping lenses… dirt and dust just naturally float in there and can cause spots on longer exposures or shots using a smaller aperture. When the sensor is dirty you don’t want to scratch it by cleaning it incorrectly.

I used to have cameras serviced individually when the need arose, but I got tired of sending them out and all the time (too much paperwork, etc). I ordered a Sensor Swab kit from Photographic Solutions and was really pleased. It just takes a few minutes to clean a camera sensor with this swab kit, the included directions were quite clear and the swab sticks can be re-used with a refill kit. I have resurrected cameras that students have brought in from the depths of their parents’ closets with this simple cleaning kit.

Cleaning a camera sensor isn’t something that needs to be done often, but when the need arises you don’t want to go sticking your finger in there (cloth can leave more dust in its wake and scratch the sensor) and blowing air just moves or embeds particles deeper in the camera. This swab and solution cleans in 2 swipes, super easy and effective.

-- Seth Wilson 11/15/21

(This is a Cool Tools favorite from 2018 — editors)

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