Seymour Iwan Auger


Best tool for digging holes

This is the best ever tool for digging holes ($75) — so far superior to a clam shell post hole digger that it is hard to put it in the same category. We just dug six ~8″ diameter holes (the 6″ head actually bores about 8″ total hole diameter) to pour concrete footings in about 3 hours — in dense clay with tree roots on a steep hillside. One trip to home depot to get a threaded 3/4 inch pipe extension and fitting so we could go deeper and we were good to go. You do have to pull the whole thing out of the hole to empty the clay every 6-10 inches of depth, but that’s not a big deal. Some people made a sliding handle for digging close to obstacles, but in our case we just did the extension in the shaft which took us up above the obstacle and got us a deeper hole.

-- Kate Corcoran 06/11/19