Shark Bite Plumbing Fittings


Push-to-connect fittings

My water heater decided that it no longer wanted to keep the hot water inside, but rather squirt it out through the top of the cold water inlet area. I live pretty firmly in DIY-land, but usually stay away from plumbing projects because I, for some reason, cannot sweat a pipe to save my life. I’ve watched videos galore, and practiced – it just escapes me for some reason. My wife and I picked up the replacement water heater yesterday. I drained the old water heater, heated the old joints, removed the couplings (it had been replaced before by the previous owner) and pulled out the old monster. I put the new one in place, cut and dry-fitted my pipes, took them apart, cleaned and fluxed the joints, and tried to sweat them. After they cooled off, they (of course) leaked. Tried again – same result. One more time, and then I went upstairs to watch some YouTube videos. I found an old NY plumber who talked about these Shark Bite connectors, but he was going to teach the “right” way of sweating the pipes rather than the fast and easy way (my ears perked up). These cost a little more than the copper fittings, but I brought them home, cut out the work that I had been attempting and cut 2 new pieces of pipe to length. I deburred all the ends, lined everything up and snap-snap-snap everything was coupled and watertight in under 5 minutes. It’s only day 2, but I haven’t found a drip yet – I’ve been checking at least every couple of hours because plumbing can’t be that easy. Feel free to tear me up in the comments, but I’m retiring my torch, flux and solder for these things for any plumbing project I have going forward.

-- Art Provost 11/6/17