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Marks the unmarkable

I have managed to accumulate dozens of small transformers over the years. Those black plastic “wall wart” things. They get unplugged from the device and usually they are totally generic in their labeling. Whatever they powered has gone away, but the transformer remains.

This morning I set out to install a new DSL modem. Another transformer. As I figured out which transformer powers the old modem, and unearthed a couple others with no apparant use, I rememberd that a couple weeks ago I picked up a 2 pack of these markers, thinking I’d use them for marking on dark metal surfaces. I grabbed one and wrote the product the new transformer belonged to in silver ink on black plastic. I’d tried grease pencils and tags and such stuff before, but they just never worked out. This seems to be the fix. I am so excited about this discovery, I just had to share it.

–Norm A.

Most tool bags probably have a roll of black electrical tape and a black Sharpie. I usually have a roll of grey electrical tape, too, to use with the Sharpie to make informal labels, temp or longer term. Way better than using a paper tape…

Anyway, I now also carry a silver Sharpie. It’s silver-colored paint that works similarly to ink – it’s not exactly the same type of stuff, but sure close enough.

Anyway, now we can all easily use that black tape to label stuff. Pulling wire? Taking something apart? Temporary WiFi password? Keeping your spouse’s GPS separate from yours?

As with all Cool Tools, this is just too easy.

— Wayne Ruffner


(Note: KK first reviewed metallic sharpies back in 2003. They remain a classic Cool Tool.--OH — editors)

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