SIM Card Cutter


Convert regular SIM cards to micro and nano SIM cards

Did you know you can cut a regular size phone SIM card to a micro or nano size SIM card and it will still work? This tool will help you do it. Just stick a SIM card in it press it down like a stapler. It will punch out a perfectly shaped micro or nano SIM. I’ve used it many times when swapping SIMs from one phone to another.

This inexpensive kit also comes with adapters that convert a nano SIM into a micro SIM or a regular SIM, or a micro SIM into a regular SIM. In short, all your SIM needs are taken care of. It even comes with a tool to remove a SIM from your phone. (You could use a paperclip if you don’t have a tool like this, but this is stiffer and easier to use).

-- Mark Frauenfelder 03/7/17