simplehuman Sensor Soap Pump


Touch-free soap dispenser

You’ve got chicken guts all over your hands, how do you wash up without contaminating the soap dispenser and eventually cross-contaminating all your food? The simplehuman Sensor Pump solves the problem by dispensing soap hands-free. Pass your hands under the sensor and you’ll receive a quick squirt of soap.

The amount dispensed is adjustable to accommodate deferring viscosities of different soap products. An unexpected benefit is you’ll likely find yourself using far less soap than you’re used to using. It only takes a tiny bit to be fully effective, an amount actually difficult to apply using other dispensers or directly from a bottle. I take comfort in knowing what I’m spending on batteries (they last about a year), I’m saving on soap.

There’s also an option for continuous dispensing in cases where you need more soap than usual, such as washing dishes.

The technology is not without one minor problem. Direct sunlight can prevent the sensor from detecting your hands. In locations where that happens occasionally, shielding the sun with one hand while activating the unit with the other gets around the issue.

The company makes several models, some smaller, some larger and in different colors to match your décor. The pump is also useful in the bathroom, another location where cross-contamination is an issue.

-- Kevin Myers 12/6/11

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